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Established in 2006, Hemsson BV is a dynamic young company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Hemsson BV’s own brands.

Hemsson BV is also dedicated to developing innovative new products, mainly designed for outdoor use, which it then manufactures itself and markets worldwide. The innovative products developed by Hemsson BV are patented in order to ensure that the company can remain a solid, reliable, partner in the long term. Hemsson BV is a modern, solid company focusing mainly on its core business of product development and marketing; its logistics operations are fully automated and highly efficient.

The worldwide marketing and information publications are spread by own branded websites which are among the most state-of-the-art Magento-based websites out there, are available in several languages at separate domain extensions, and are always up-to-date.

In 2007 the company launched its unique Fairybell Christmas lighting, a highly innovative, patented product used by gardening professionals worldwide. (www.fairybell.eu)
In 2012, after three years of development, Hemsson BV launched its new, exclusive GACOLI brand. An acronym for Garden Comfort Living, GACOLI provides innovative, patented outdoor lighting.

Later Hemsson BV introduced two unique and eyeopening new brands: TED SPARKS and Christmas United, making Hemsson BV an even bigger shareholder in the world of lighting and decorations.

Hemsson BV is a compact, efficiently operating company with direct lines of communication to its customers. We are proud of our excellent service and quick-response strategy.
Hemsson BV’s products are marketed internationally. We work exclusively with highly experienced, committed distributors, as we prioritise quality over quantity not only when it comes to our products, but also in all our other processes.

Hemsson BV works exclusively with its own dedicated sales team, so as to ensure that all processes run smoothly and efficiently. We maintain a highly selective distribution policy. Our sales, purchasing and service departments are based on our modern building in Almelo, the Netherlands


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